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Big al dinosaur game

Big Al Game was a text adventure-like game created by Alex Freeman, who was scientific researcher on the programme, to accompany The Ballad of Big Al. The game has since been taken down by the BBC and replaced by the "Planet Dinosaur Game". You play the Allosaurus named Big Al with. In this online computer game, players must figure out how to keep an Allosaurus from The "Big Al" starts out as a kg hatchling and ends up as a hunter of. Retro Game of the Month: Dragon Force universumsknockout.com cool-games/universumsknockout.com

The story of an Allosaurus, a large carnivorous dinosaur who lived in the Late ' Big Al' is the name given to a real Allosaurus fragilis skeleton. Big Al game. Nurture and care for your own dinosaur in the Planet Dinosaur game. an article about the famous Allosaurus 'Big Al' Tales of the tracks. Fossilised dinosaur tracks give us tantalizing clues about Big Al's life. Big Al game.

To coincide with the release of the program The Ballad of Big Al (a spin-off of the Walking With Dinosaurs series), the BBC released an online role-playing game. Dinosaur World is a freeware video game developed by Asylum Entertainment and published by the BBC in It is a spin-off of Episode 2 of Walking with Dinosaurs ("Time of the Titans") and the special The Ballad of Big Al. The main point of the game is to. 13 Oct Game heavily based off 'Big Al' and the 'Evolution game' on BBC that were removed. Choose from 3 locations: Prehistoric Argentina Prehistoric.


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